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Nintendo Developing Zelda Mobile Game

Link! Listen! A report by the Wall Street Journal indicates Nintendo are currently developing a Zelda mobile game. Nintendo have enjoyed success for their previous mobile titles including Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes. The same report states that Nintendo are working in conjunction with DeNA, the same developers behind the Fire Emblem mobile game […]

Nintendo Announce End Of Wii-U Production

Nintendo of Japan have updated their website with what is definitively the beginning of the end of the Wii-U. The remaining bundles on Nintendo’s site have been captioned with what translates to “Production is scheduled to end soon” below pictures of the system. The remaining white Wii-U 32GB bundles are now the only remaining retail SKUs […]

Six Sizzling Scorched Stages

Ah, the promise of Summer! Warm, sunny days in May that will inevitably be taken away from us as soon as we stock up on the sunscreen. If it’s still not hot enough for you though and you want to get the feeling of almost being burnt to a crisp, here are six super hot video game […]