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Track of the Day: PVRIS – ‘St. Patrick’

Track of the Day: PVRIS – ‘St. Patrick’


PVRIS are a band who have kind of taken the world by storm, and that’s exactly why we’re choosing them for our Track of the Day!

I genuinely can’t remember the last time a band did as well off of a debut record as PVRIS have. Their first album White Noise has yielded several interesting music videos with view counts numbering in the millions and led to an appearance on Jimmy Fallon along with support slots on tours with bands as varied as Metric, Fall Out Boy and Bring Me The Horizon, not to mention their own headlining UK and European tours this year. And when you listen to ‘St. Patrick’, you’ll immediately see what the fuss is about.

It’s the epitome of their wholly unique style of dark electronic pop-rock, with Lynn Gunn‘s fantastic vocals alternating between fragile and powerful at the flip of a switch, backed up by some awesome synths, subtle guitars and a thumping bassline. If I had to compare them to any other band, I would say that they’re like CHVRCHES‘ gothy younger cousin, right down to the all-caps name with a V in there for the hell of it.

And with a simple yet memorable video tying the whole experience together, it’s really no wonder that this trio have blazed a trail for themselves in rock music at such a young age. This band are going to go on to do great things – greater than what they’re already doing, that is.