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Doom Is Coming Earlier Than Expected

Doom Is Coming Earlier Than Expected


Doom is coming. Not the apocalypse, mind, the latest instalment in the horror FPS series Doom. It was widely thought the new game, the fourth in the main series, would land after E3, but thanks to a new trailer, we now know it’s coming on May 13.

Bethesda announced the game at their press conference during E3 last year with a short gameplay trailer. The new trailer shows more of the same kind of gameplay from the game’s campaign, which looks to feature the same hell-crawling of the previous incarnations. What’s also intact is the violence the series has become known for, with chainsaws and limbs and the gouging out of eyeballs. What’s missing is the horror aspect that also permeated the previous three games.

The long corridors, sections with little light and unexpected enemies were a part of Doom‘s incredible charm as a game that both empowered the player and reminded you of your mortality in quick succession. Though this footage looks exciting, it doesn’t have a lot of that survivalism from the originals to it and comes off a little bit more childish as a result.

But, the gateway to hell will be open for us all to gaze in and see for ourselves soon enough. Doom launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC May 13, 2016.