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Track of the Day: Kalafina – ‘Magia’

Track of the Day: Kalafina – ‘Magia’


In keeping with today’s magical theme, we’ve got the lovely ladies from Kalafina for today’s track!

Most folks will probably recognise this as the ending theme to Puella Magi Madoka Magica – yeah, I know we just had an anime ending theme like, two days ago, but it’s for the theme! And Madoka is pretty much the only magical girl anime I’ve ever watched apart from Cardcaptors when I was around five so…’Magia’ it is! It really helps that ‘Magia’ is an absolute banger and totally unlike anything else you’ll ever hear from a magical girl series.

It’s a dark, gothic rock piece that kicks some serious ass, and whenever it was used in the series itself you knew awesome stuff was about to happen. It wasn’t even used until the third episode, when the now-infamous twist fully asserted itself and you realised that Madoka wasn’t just your usual lighthearted Sailor Moon “power of friendship” fare. It’s foreboding, badass and haunting, and those words sum up the series perfectly too. It’s just a damn good tune, and easily one of the best pieces of anime-related music I’ve ever heard. Get it down your earholes and remember – don’t sign any contracts.

…Man, I can’t even have a J-pop song without it being gothic as all hell, I really am emo trash aren’t I?