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PSY Comments On His Music Career Post-Gangnam Style

PSY Comments On His Music Career Post-Gangnam Style



Unless you were living in complete isolation for the entirety of 2012, you’ve already heard, loved and gotten sick of PSY‘s global phenomenon song ‘Gangnam Style’. The song rose to popularity on the internet and quickly launched the K-pop artist to global notoriety, leaving many to wonder what he would come up with next. Understandably, this put pressure on PSY, as he explained in his recent Naver V app broadcast on November 24.

Having read many comments online about how ‘Gangnam Style’ changed his music, and he should return to his former style, PSY explained that, “Whenever I read such comments, I thought to myself: If a person who is not used to compliments is suddenly praised, there is a chance that the person will change. I experienced things that were almost unreal, and I changed a bit as a result. The environment made it impossible to resist change. Fortunately everything didn’t go as smoothly after that, so I didn’t change as much as I could have.” He also admitted that during his popularity he caught the ‘American disease’, referring to a Korean term to describe a romanticized view of American culture, and this ‘disease’ made him struggle to write and release new songs.

PSY is currently set to release his seventh studio album featuring the new single ‘Dream’ featuring Junsu of JYJ. Also in his V app broadcast, PSY explained that the song was based off things himself and his late friend Shin Hae Chul would say to each other while drinking, and the song is meant as a tribute to him. The full album is set to be released on December 1 at midnight (KST) and features 2 title tracks ‘Daddy’ and ‘Bell Bottoms’.