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Man Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Disney

The Wrap has revealed that Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s 2012 animated smash hit about a villain trying to follow a hero’s path in a video game universe, is the subject of a lawsuit filed in Texas last week.

Dyke Robinson is the man claiming that The Walt Disney Company ripped off his idea for a script he wrote called Digiland and he’s suing them for copyright infringement.

Robinson claims that Digiland was rejected by Disney several years ago. The lawsuit reads: “Plaintiffs allege that Defendant is engaged in actual copying of Plaintiff’s work, or … alternatively, Defendants created derivative work[s] from Plaintiff’s work, thus infringing Plaintiff’s rights, including but not limited to Plaintiff’s Registered Copyright”. He seeks to claim “The maximum statutory damages of $10 million.”

Disney have refused to comment on the matter.