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Gamescom 2015: The Sims 4: Get Together

Gamescom 2015: The Sims 4: Get Together


While we were attending Gamescom we got to see the new expansion pack coming for The Sims 4 and we were very impressed. We also got the chance to meet the The Sims 4 director who clearly has a passion for The Sims, just like the players. Needless to say, she was absolutely lovely and was very interested in our thoughts on the game to date. Getting back on track, this expansion blows all the other Sims 4 expansions out of the park! So far we have seen pools, saunas, work places, patio furniture with many more extras being added over time with the help of expansion packs, but this time, the entire game has gotten an overhaul.

One of the first things you will notice when you go to play it is that there is a whole new town to play and explore in. This little town is called Windenburg and it is centuries old. There are also some really cool ancient ruins that you can visit. This, believe it or not, is actually quite a small update compared to what I am going to tell you next.

You will notice that your sims now have completely new plumbobs over their heads and there is an extremely cool reason why. You can now form clubs with a group of sims. This means that all sims in this little or big group will act the same, dress the same and talk the same. Better yet, you can even put certain rules on your social group such as popular groups don’t talk to the nerd groups. If any of the sims in the group cross this forbidden line then they may be excommunicated from the social group. Of course, that is not all, as your group can all travel together to anywhere you want. As well as this, you can customise what the group is like. They can be the lonely goths that don’t talk to anyone, they can be the fitness freaks that work out at every possible place or they can be the cool kids who just hang around and shop. Or, if your group are coffee snobs, they can now order a round of drinks through the new expresso bar that has been added to the game. You get to decide the social cliques.

You will also see a crown hovering over one of the sims; this just means that is the leader of the social group you are currently in. You can also style your group so everyone who is part of the group will look somewhat the same or, if you so choose, the exact same. What is even better is the other groups that are going around in the world will have their own rules and will react to you accordingly. For example, if you are a loser and try talk to the popular kids they will just ignore you or they’ll get angry or even leave the area altogether. That’s not to say that happens all the time, as you can pursue relationship and friendship outside your clique, it’s just a lot harder than a few chat up lines and you could suffer some consequences from your friends.

Now that we got the huge news out of the way there are also a few other updates that have been added that are quite fun to play with. The first thing is that the DJ booth is back! It gets better, though, as now there is a DJ skill system. The higher skill you have, the better your music will be and the more people will party along with you. The DJ booth is also portable so you can start the party anywhere you want. You can even set up a giant party at the ancient ruins previously mentioned above.

Other sims will now finally call you to go places. That means if there is a hip party going on that you don’t know about, your friend might just hit you up and invite you along. This also counts for your group. On a final note, the last thing worth mentioning is the new walk-in closets. Yes, you heard that right. There is so much that you can do with this. First off, you can change into new clothes or you can try on different outfits with your new group members. However be careful as they will tell you if it doesn’t suit the style of the group. Kids can also play hide and seek inside the walk-in wardrobe. As well as this, you can have yourself some woohoo time inside with that special someone.

The Sims 4: Get Together is out this November. Be sure to pick up your copy as this expansion is set to be the biggest one yet. Let us know if you are excited to see this new function in The Sims 4 in the comments below.