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South Korea Blasts K-Pop Into North Korea

South Korea Blasts K-Pop Into North Korea


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ve probably heard about the current tensions involving North and South Korea wherein incidents involving landmines and artillery fire threatened to end a fifty year truce between the nations. We know what you’re thinking now, “This is The Arcade right? Why are we talking about Korean politics?” Well, it’s because of what South Korea decided to do to ease the tension at the border lines.

The South Korean army has reportedly been blasting not only domestic and foreign news over loudspeakers towards the North, but they’ve also been playing K-pop! This is all part of a propaganda campaign to loosen the hold of North Korea’s leaders, which South Korea has been putting into motion for the past few weeks. The K-pop songs which are being played as a part of the propaganda are IU‘s ‘Heart,’ Girls’ Generation‘s ‘Genie’, and Big Bang‘s ‘Bang Bang Bang’. The broadcasts were being played constantly at 11 different locations along the border line.

At the time of writing, the two countries are still in talks to bring their states back into an uneasy truce and avoid further war, but the real question is, will they really want to give up their only chance to listen to some top notch tunes?

Let us know your thoughts on the situation or even just which songs you’d love to blast over the borders into Pyongyang in the comments below!