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Jump Street And Men In Black Crossover Is Happening



It was announced today that Sony Pictures have confirmed that the much discussed Jump Street and Men In Black crossover film is happening! This comes shortly after information detailing the female led version of the Jump Street franchise made the rounds, and merging two already successful universes is a logical way forward for both series.
For those who haven’t seen or noticed this, 21 Jump Street was a dig at film reboots and 22 Jump Street took aim at film sequels. It is probably expected in that case that much of the same will happen in the crossover movie and while Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are returning, it is still not known if Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones will return… but we are hoping and praying that they do.
The third installment of MIB had the highest global haul, though it also had the lowest domestic gross in America in the series. This indicates that audiences are growing tired of MIB but Jump Street has had a great response, so naturally combining the two franchise makes beneficial sense to Sony in the worldwide box office.