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New Animal Crossing Game Coming To Nintendo 3DS


Prepare yourselves Animal Crossing fans and interior design enthusiasts there is a new Animal Crossing game coming you2015-04-01_18-30-19r way for the Nintendo 3DS. Announced in the most recent Nintendo Direct the new game will be called Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.
Now I know I got fanatical about decorating my home in the game but this game will solely focus on the furnishing of homes for the Animal Crossing inhabitants based on their needs and wants. An interesting way for the game series to go. Even better it was announced that Animal Crossing Amiibo cards will also be released so you can save the inhabitants homes you have decor630xated and each card will be the various villagers from the games, scanning the card will have the villager give you a task for designing their home.
Once you’re done watch them hang out and enjoy your hard work. Both the cards and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will be released this autumn.