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Music Monday 09/02/2015


Well its that time again, the start of the week. The doorway to another seven days of interacting with the great unwashed. I hope you have brushed your teeth and put on a clean pair of socks, if not then you may smell a little weird standing there at the Bus stop wondering if you left the gas on.  Anywho lets kick it off in style with some uplifting tuneage.
First one up is the theme to the J-Drama series GTO (2012). A riff-centric tune that will have you going full air guitar as you wait at the bus stop for your Monday morning commute to begin

GTO 2012 Theme

Song number two is…well its Song 2 from Blur. Regardless of what you make of the Brit-Pop era I dare you not to be wohooing along with Damon Alburn as he bounces himself off the walls.

Blur – Song 2

Next up we mix it up (literally) with the unlikeliest of pairings I have ever wrapped my earballs around. Taylor Swift’s Shake it off mixed with Nine inch Nail’s Perfect drug. Just press play and enjoy the madness in all its glory.

Taylor Swift VS NIN – Shake it off

Right! Less of that, its back to normality. Time to feed the game soundtrack addict in me with this slice of beautiful tuneage. Destiny is a game that divided a lot of folks on many levels in 2014. One thing that everyone seemed to agree on was the game’s stunning score, composed and directed by Martin O’Donnell, co-written by Michael Salvatori and C. Paul Johnson. The stand out track for me is the epic “The Last Array” I can feel my hands forming into a joypad hold as I listen.
Destiny – The Last Array

I have only recently become fully aware of the immense J-Rock & J-Pop scene. I am at best a low ranking amateur when it comes to knowing what its all about and who the cool bands are.That being said I know a catchy tune when I hear it, and J-Rock sensations Scandal have a plethora of catchy tunes. This one is my favourite of what I have heard of their stuff.

Scandal – Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne

Lets follow the upbeat nature that is Scandal with something completely different but no less brilliant. Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun is easily one of the most uplifting downer songs ever. Much like the suburbanites portrayed in the video this tune never fails to put a big old smile on my face.
Soundgarden – Blackhole Sun

If the final tune on our list fails to leave you giggling like a crazy person then you probably don’t have a soul it’s as simple as that. With a video that starts off straight forward enough then throws some Ninjas into the mix I really don’t know how this doesn’t set you up to face Monday with the force of a full on Falcon Punch. LOOKOUT!

Presidents of the United States – Peaches

I hope you have enjoyed this Music Monday and the songs that I have selected in order to set you up for a fantastic week. If they don’t well you’re just going to have to look deep inside yourself and ask why? Because seriously those were some awesome tunes.