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The Return Of Sierra And The Classic Adventure Game


A new year has dawned and with it comes a continued movement of the games industry towards a friendlier market for indie-oriented titles. The digital age (as we know it) has afforded us the luxury of downloading games directly to our PC or home console – this in turn provides an opening for independent developers eager to get their creations noticed without having to mass produce a product. Its only within the past few years that gamers have truly started to embrace this shift towards these often times low-budget, high concept affairs. The feeling of being jaded with the lack of ambition in certain mainstream titles feeds a yearning towards innovation. Creativity in gaming is bred from stepping outside the mold of what popular is, or putting a unique spin on previously in vogue genres that are in need of revitalization. There are many services that have facilitated this movement (such as Steam, Kickstarter and each of the 201195-2aj9nbncurrent consoles’ version of a store) prompting big name game studios to take notice and think outside the box.
One such big name is the publisher, Activision. Recently, they have made waves by announcing a resurrection of their previously defunct division known as Sierra Interactive. A developer notably famed for the Kings Quest and Leisure Suit Larry series. Accompanying Activision’s announcement is an admission of wanting a slice of “the indie movement” pie by bringing back “the right devs with the right ideas”. Two games are currently in the works by the newly reformed Sierra – the popular Xbox title Geometry Wars is heralding its impending third entry, and we have been teased by a potential Kings Quest reboot that will be available for PC.
While some may raise an eyebrow at the notion of Sierra being able to produce a quality installment in a series that they have not produced in 18 years, skeptical opinions have been satiated by the knowledge that they are combining a team of some of the original programmers with fresh talent from young upstart indie developer, The Odd Gentlemen. A promise has been made to integrate a series of different studios who will aid a team of veterans in the process of bringing to life IP’s of old with a flavor of modern appeal. This clever contrast in styles may be a winning ticket to successful remakes and potential sequels to Sierra gems of yesteryear. Back in 2008, Telltale games had been attached to a Kings Quest title only to have the project cancelled in its infancy. Here’s hoping that the old school “point and click” adventure can be well 687a358a6e8b39f89b52c9686c24e6ff05750e5drepresented in the coming months with the new and hopefully improved Sierra. Telltale has proven that there is still a market for this genre. The story-telling aspects are the accentuated aspect in Telltale games. Their gameplay is usually serviceable, yet typically buggy. This doesn’t hinder the overall experience of what a Telltale game looks and sounds like.
Now that the market is wide open again, Sierra has the competitive flair to compete alongside Telltale with their opposite focus on gameplay. The reverse of what can be said about Telltale can be noted in Sierras adventures. Whilst Telltale does story impeccably well, Sierra nails down core gameplay with their trademark hard difficulty and keen use of puzzles that make you think about your actions. The fantasy stories of Sierra have been largely hit and miss depending on which title you can get a hold off. The combo of a new and old team may elevate the overall production quality of their previous titles in terms of narrative structure. A common flaw in the games of old was working believable scenarios around the absurd puzzles that you would encounter. In the ever critical eye of the internet, gamers are more fussy about the final product they are receiving and want a great experience overall. Retro fans may delight in pure gameplay, but sticklers will want a complete package. Geometry Wars is an arcade shooter in no need of a story. It has been successful. It will be successful again. Whether its Leisure Suit Larry, Kings Quest, Phantasmagoria or any of Sierras previous adventure IP’s, change will be required to fit the demand of the modern gamer. Old plus modern fans alike are being presented with a plethora of promise with this grand return. Now , Lets see if the savvy veterans can grab the reigns once again reminding us all of grand exploration adventures that required our wits to advance the tale.