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Style Saturday – Apocalyptic Attire


It’s going to be getting damned chilly over the next few months and probably filled with a downpour of rain too. As harsh as these conditions might be, they’re nothing compared to the game of survival that is the post-apocalyptic world. With that in mind, here are some fashion choices inspired by some after-the-end scenarios to help you channel the fighting spirit of these apocalyptic warriors and fight against the elements this winter.
Tunnel Snakes Rule!
Tunnel Snakes Rule
Inspired by the outstanding Fallout 3, this outfit has the requisite blue hoodie to represent the Vault jumpsuits, paired with a biker-style jacket to get that 50’s greaser look of the Tunnel Snakes gang. In addition to this are ripped jeans (it’s hard to keep clothes in perfect nick in the Capital Wasteland, after all), woollen fingerless gloves to provide warmth and dexterity while you reload your hunting rifle, combat boots to help you with the harsh terrain and kicking in mole rats’ skulls, and a scarf to cover your mouth and alleviate inhalation of the nuclear fallout.
€25 Hoodie – veromoda.com | €33 Ripped Jeans – pullandbear.com | €56 Boots – solesociety.com | €5 Gloves – hm.com | €14 Scarf – express.com | €120 Jacket – aritzia.com
Nova Prospekt
Nova Prospekt
Half-Life 2 was a game genuinely ahead of its time, still holding up 10 years later, and a big part of that was the companion AI. While most allies in videogames are suicidal nuisances, Gordon Freeman’s sidekick Alyx Vance was a joy to play alongside, and this outfit is based around her. First up is the brown jacket, with grey hoodie included (you could always replace this with an official Black Mesa hoodie from the Valve webstore or get some fabric paint and DIY that sucker). Her blue jeans are ripped from close scrapes with City 17’s Civil Protection, and her leather gloves help provide grip and enough freedom of movement to effectively use a 9mm pistol. Finally, her most iconic item is the headband, which will also provide some warmth during the winter, creating an outfit which is equal parts practical, warm and stylish (not that style will matter in City 17 anyway, given the Combine reproduction suppression field and all…)
€12 Jacket & Hoodie – amazon.com | €32 Jeans – newlook.com | €15 Boots – wetseal.com | €13 Gloves – blackfive.com | €27 Headband – farfetch.com
(prices taken in pounds sterling and converted to Euros)