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Banjo Guy Ollie – Super Mario Land


Does it get more retro than this? No, it really doesn’t and Banjo Guy Ollie adds a little Irish flair to the Italian plumbers adventure – tin whistle, yep it’s there, the bodhránn, yeah that’s there too!
Super Mario Land was developed for the Nintendo Gameboy, both released in Japan on the 21st April 1989, marking Mario’s first appearance on a Gameboy and gaming history was made. This wasn’t just about Mario, this was the first time we got a chance to meet Princess Daisy and while her counterpart Peach might have been more popular, she has held her own the last few years.
Super Mario Land sold over 18 million copies worldwide, making it the seventh-highest selling game of the Mario series. The game was originally meant to be packaged alongside the new Gameboy handheld console but a last minute marketing decision paired the GB up with Tetris.