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Twitch Malware Targeted Steam Accounts


Did you enter a raffle on Twitch recently? Then you might want to run some anti-virus scans right now!
_77559711_cde9db60-34b8-4a27-b438-f5df58ca985bTwitch have been urging their users not to click on any links that seem suspicious, encouraging streamers and viewers to be extra vigilant after it was reported that a link was circulating through chat encouraging people to click and enter to win prizes for Counter-Strike Global Offensive.
After clicking on the link the hopeful entrant would be asked to enter their name and e-mail address through a Java program that would then proceed to install a file on your computer that would drain your Steam account wallet dry and sell items.
Twitch have reported that they have blocked the link but are warning users that other variant links may appear and are urging their members to watch out for anything suspicious – broadcasters have also been asked to consider using the ‘Block Hyperlink’ option for chat.