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New Digimon Series first story revealed


Needless to say Digimon fans everywhere grabbed onto their inner child when the news came around that with the 15th anniversary coming up that there were some new Digimon projects coming up, one being the that there would be a continuation of the much loved series – original news story here!
Anyone who has been searching for information on this would have come across the official website for the 15th anniversary project and would have noticed a certain counter there and a digi-egg. Last Sunday that counter reached zero and the site revealed a silhouette of much loved (insert fan girl squels here) character Taichi Yagami or ust Tai to us and his digimon cohort Agumon. With the reveals also came some story information which could be read both in English and Japanese.
Unfortunately the English translation did leave out the line “Big Brother, have a good day” Needless to say this make it a certain that Tai’s Sister Kari will be involved in the new series. There has been hints on the official site also that there may be another egg that will appear, could this mean we could be getting more hints as to what’s to come in the new series. We will just have to wait and see but perhaps a catch up of the old series is a must.