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Leaked Smash Bros. 3DS Footage Reveals New Characters


ssb4-leak-3Leaked game footage is nothing new especially as the release date for the title draws closer – that said this leaked footage for the new Smash Bros. game on 3DS and WiiU does contain some pretty exciting news. The leaks below are short and snappy but they gave us hope that the images that leaked online earlier this month were not total fakes… maybe!
The image that popped online earlier this month showed the Duck Hunt Dog, Dr. Mario and Dark Pit as playable characters and that led many to discount it as a pure fake. The same image contained Baby Bowser and Shulk and the footage below gives us a look at these two characters in action – now they have not been confirmed as playable fighters in the game but the footage you see below does make you think twice. They seem too detailed to be simple fakes and considering the time and energy that foes into creating one character it stands that these are the real deal.
What do you think? Real or fake?