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PSN Returns – FBI Investigating Bomb Threats


“We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ personal information”, that’s the message Sony are trying to get out to their customers after a weekend long DDoS attack brought their servers to a close. It’s been confirmed the network has returned after hacker group Lizard Squad launched their attack on several gaming companies and their servers.
After successfully taking down the PSN, the group turned their attention on Xbox Live and many players are reporting issues with some online functions but the system is still up and functioning for the most part.
It’s also been revealed that a plane carrying top Sony executive  John Smedley had to be diverted after bomb threats were made to American Airlines by tweets from hackers.

Smedley is the president of Sony Online Entertainment so it’s more than just mere coincidence that his flight was targeted and the FBI are currently investigating the matter and no further comments have been made about the issue.