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YouTube Celeb in Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit


Makeup master and YouTube Celeb Michelle Phan is battling against a copyright infringement suit that claims that she used songs without permission on her very popular YouTube Channel.
The video blogger who is very well known for her popular makeup tutorials, is being sued by Ultra Records for copyright infringement.
Michelle frequently uses songs from popular dance DJ’s in her videos. It is alleged that she used these songs without licence after repeated warnings.
Ultra record plans to seek up to $150,000 for each infringement, of which there is currently 45 instances. This then puts the total alleged damages at nearly $7 million with that number potentially climbing should Ultra name more instances.
Phan has remained relatively quiet about the charges with her representative stating that she did have permissions from Ultra to use the songs in queetion and that her team are bringing a counter suit against the label.
Kaskade, who were previously with Ultra Records and whose songs were used in many of her videos, have supported Phan through Twitter voicing their disapproval.
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