Home Games Winner of the Dota 2 Announced Largest E-Sports Pool Prize in History!

Winner of the Dota 2 Announced Largest E-Sports Pool Prize in History!


This morning Chinese team Newbee have fought their way to winning the Dota 2 International World Championships with a grand total of $5million of winnings.
Dota 2, the multiplayer online battle arena video game was released in 2013 as a free to play title for Micrsoft Windows, Mac and Linux available exclusively through Steam.
Starting in 2011, Valve invited and sponsored sixteen of the most accomplished teams to compete and showcase their capabilities with its public debut in Gamescon in Germany in 2011 with a grand prize of a million dollars.
Dota2 International World Championship has since become an annual event with the venue changing to Seattle Washington, United States.
Newbee fought back from a 7-8 record in single-match play earlier this month to win five consecutive sets, securing their place in the final. Fellow Chinese team ViCi Gaming sat at the top of the single match stage, but unfortunately  lost their match against Newbee last Friday afternoon.
The Grand Final started this morning with a commanding win by ViCi but  Newbee turned the tables on completely, routing them in three straight games to become International Dota 2 champions.
This year marks the first time in the International’s four year history that its grand finals were composed of two Chinese teams. The runner-up received a second-place prize of almost $1.5 million.