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Deadpool Test Footage


Test footage, apparently for Tim Miller’s Deadpool, has surfaced and then resurfaced online after being taken down. As this was leaked we’re hearing everything from ‘this is a SDCC exclusive clip’ to ‘this was made by fans’ and everything in between. Now it seems that, Blur Studios owned by Tim Miller, have confirmed the footage is theirs and is actually part of a much longer clip but what we’re seeing isn’t anything new and is actually part of an eight minute clip animated back in 2012 and voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

With the clip doing well online, it could be possible that this might push Miller into finalising the project details and get the film underway … it could also be possible that this was the exact purpose of that leaked footage… but how likely is it? A short clip featuring a popular Marvel character leaking online the weekend/days after one of the biggest geek events in the world – it has to be a coincidence…

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