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App Review: Don’t be stuck 4 words

App Review: Don’t be stuck 4 words


 dbsDON’T BE STUCK 4 WORDS’ is a new and completely original game, FREE to download on   Android and iOS.

If you like word games and a bit of a challenge, then you’ll love “Don’t be…Stuck4Words”!!

Created by Eimear and Ian, it is  fun, highly addictive, interactive word game, challenging your skills and knowledge against the clock.

4 mini rounds and an option to play in single player or 2 player mode competing for the highest score on the leader board.

This game is easily one of the most addictive games I’ve played in the longest time. I’m a bit of a word geek so this was perfect and lovely little game to pass the time away… actually a lot of time!

There are basically 4 rounds, each only a minute. unnamed

The first round is “Guess The Word” This is a tricky in my opinion which makes it all the more fun. Think hangman or the wheel of fortune. You have a choice of 7 categories from animals to movies. The second round is “Make Some Words” where you have a selection of letters and you have to make as many words as you can in 60 seconds. This round is a really fun one if you are big into word games.

The third round is called “Hit The Target” Now this is HARD! The maths based round gives you a series of numbers in the form of a calculator and the goal is to make the target number out of the series of n umbers. The fourth round, “Odd One Out, is basically what it says on the tin. You try and get as many as you can in the 60 seconds.

You have 4 Rabbits which can help you in the first three levels as you work your way through the puzzles, either by revealing letters or adding extra time to the clock.

There is also a two player option where you can challenge your friends on Facebook or by email.

This game has everything you need in a word game and mobile app. It’s really addictive and there is a sense of accomplishment that you get that you don’t usually get from some word or puzzle games with your points from each round recorded and add to an overall score where you can track your progress on a leader board.

Although the game has some serious merit, there are a few things that are lacking.

The game is most suitable for the likes of large phones or tablets but can be a bit tricky on the smaller phones, especially those with slightly heavier thumbs.  The login function can be a bit tedious as you have to login through FaceBook or Twitter each time you go into the game where ideally it would remember your login details.

The graphics are relatively simple. The bunny is adorable but the game itself definitely has a retro 1997 space jam website feel which does make you feel like you’re back in the 90’s and going forward some simple tweaks could be made to make the game look more modern. 

The biggest complaint of all is that there are only 4 rounds. Gutted I was when I finished the game and was wanting more. The sheer addictiveness of it is something else but  that being said Eimear and Ian have done some amount of work in each round so that it doesn’t become repetitive and that there are plenty of various puzzles.

Overall this is an enjoyable game that people who are into word games should get to kill some time… I’ll see you in a few weeks when I have to get my phone physically detached from my arm!

Don’t forget to check them out on http://dontbestuck4words.com/

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