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Mandatory Gaming: Just Cause 2

Mandatory Gaming: Just Cause 2


Just Cause 2 is, in every sense of the word, crazy. 

Macho U.S agent goes to Pacific Island, unites the local gangs, overthrows the Government. 

The story, while basic sets up the games core mechanic, chaos. You travel around the massive and beautiful Panau Island, inhabited by hundreds of villages, towns, city’s, airports, military bases, oil rigs and a whole lot more settlements, each with their own checklist of buildings, statues and equipment to blow up to lessen the Government’s influence over the people.

In short, the more stuff you blow up, the more chaos you earn, the more upgrades and gear you can buy.

There’s over 100 vehicles in-game covering Land, Sea and Air making traversing the beautiful Island a game within itself. However, if you really want to experience Just Cause in it’s glory, the grappling hook and parachute combination will suffice for transport. Grapple on to literally anything, cars, jets, mountains, people and use them to chauffeur you around.

Bored of para-gliding behind a Jet? Grapple to the cockpit, throw the unlucky pilot to their demise and commandeer the Jet, setting a collision course to a military base, jump out before it collides with the fuel depot and land on a tank while witnessing the colossal explosion tear up the environment around you while continuing into the tank to blow even more stuff up. Attach and enemy to an explosive barrel and watch as it flies into the air dragging it’s cargo kicking and screaming until it explodes like a firework overhead. Glorious!

Like all games, there are flaws and  Just Cause 2 suffers from the bog-standard boring cut-scenes, some pretty terrible voice-acting, occasional audio glitches and texture pop-in although all that is truly  a small price to pay to one for this generations finest open world adventure games.

There’s hours of fun to be had in this game, tooling about, experimenting with it’s physics, exploring, finding easter eggs and upgrading and unlocking gear by blowing the hell out of anything and everything! One more thing, the story missions are insane! You will find yourself fighting ninja’s, chasing down rockets in jets and jumping from nuke to nuke are only an example of what’s available, but you could be easily amazed at the game regardless of these missions.

The game can be picked up for next to nothing and right now if you really have the itch to just blow stuff up, you can buy it for £10 pounds over on amazon.co.uk and spend the rest of Summer doing everything you always wanted to do in an action movie… explosions galore! Now go get it! You have no choice!