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GaelicGaming – Kickstarter

GaelicGaming – Kickstarter


Are you a gamer? Are you Irish? Are you a LoL fan? Then you should probably check this out as a group of Irish gamers are coming together to create a space for LoL players on the Emerald Isle and they need your help!

We are a community of primarily Irish League of Legends gamers, which began as a simple but popular facebook group “This is Irish League of Legends. However, as the numbers on the group increased, it was evident that a facebook group would no longer suffice for such a large population. The community requires streaming & lessons support, a forum, a team and a website to adapt to this incline of new members.

For more information and the perks available for your generous donation to the GaelicGaming fund please click below!
GaelicGaming – Kickstarter

To check out the Facebook group and meet some fellow summoners, just click here!

If you want to see the Irish community grow and improve then now is your chance to get involved and lend your support!

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