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Twisted Feary Tales – IndieGogo

Twisted Feary Tales – IndieGogo


“In traditional fairy tales the endings were not quite as pleasant as they have been portrayed by media such as Disney. We want to return these stories to their dark roots and look back to the very first versions to extract the core themes and messages which will shine through in our game.

Another Indiegogo campaign has been pointed in our direction and we couldn’t be more bloody excited about it! ‘Twisted Feary Tales’ is brought to us by Time Machine Games, an Irish development company. The game is being developed  for the iPad and with Paddy Murphy as lead designer (this would be the same Paddy Murphy who worked on Mad Blocker and Ninjamurai) you know this isn’t going to be just a flash in the pan! Twisted Feary Tales is the title of the series, an ongoing title that will feature brillliant and visually astounding retellings of classic fairy tales with a dark twist.; first up for the splash of darkness is the story of Little Red Riding Hood in the aptly titled ‘Red’.

According to the campaign and information we’ve dug up (it wasn’t hard, it’s all there in black and white, we just wanted to sound fancy and sleuth-like!), the game will take full advantage of the iPad touch system and force players into some finger knotting situations as they wrack their brains on how to solve each stage. It will play a lot like Lemmings and Abes Odyssee, with the goal to protect Red from traps, enemies and the Big Bad Wolf.

There will be times where you will end up in a “finger twister” desperately scrambling to figure out what is the optimal hand shape to complete a section and gain that coveted 3 star rating.

Despite reassurance that it’s not like Limbo it isn’t too hard to draw similarities in particular the visuals:

 Check out what the lads have to say about the resemblance or not…

This isn’t a bad thing by the way, Limbo kicked ass and was a feast for our eager eyes, so if it’s going to be anything like it then sign us up right now! Now adamant to seperate themselves from the game, Twisted Feary Tales will be based more around puzzle solving, with the first chapter containing around 20 levels each with a ‘3 Star’ Rating with players being award top marks based on how well they complete each stage.

The campaign is already under way and has 31 days to raise the $20,000 budget but all funds will be donated to helping the game come to fruition but these guys don’t expect something for nothing and there are various packages available to those who donate their hard earned monies to the development, from free expansion packs, e-books, digital soundtracks, memorabilia, you’re generous donation will earn you some sweet goodies!

So open your wallets/purses/rupee bags and do your bit, fork over some cash and let’s help these guys out! To do your bit in making Twisted Feary Tales happen then click the link below, you can also find a full list of awards based off what you donate to the campaign! We wish the gang at Time Machine Games, all the best and we can’t wait to play this!

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