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Style Saturday: Illegal Contraband

If you haven’t binge-watched the whole third season of Orange is the New Black by now, you have to review your priorities. Okay, maybe I’ll cut you some slack since it’s only been out for 24 hours, but only if you pay attention to these next few style tips. Or else you’re getting a shot! […]

Transistor Release Date Announced

One of the games I have been looking forward to the most this year would have to be the latest title from the folks over at Supergiant Games, Transistor. Well some fantastic news came out today, as we now know we don’t have to wait as long as we thought. Transistor will be releasing on […]

Twisted Feary Tales – IndieGogo

“In traditional fairy tales the endings were not quite as pleasant as they have been portrayed by media such as Disney. We want to return these stories to their dark roots and look back to the very first versions to extract the core themes and messages which will shine through in our game.“ Another Indiegogo […]