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We’ve turned 2! Happy Birthday Arcade!

We’ve turned 2! Happy Birthday Arcade!


Wow! Sitting here at my little office desk, I really didn’t imagine I’d ever be writing a letter to thousands of people who read the Arcade every day especially not one that is based around the second anniversary of this website launching!

By now a lot of you if not most will know the Arcade was born out of the recession – I don’t come from a major writing background, aside from pieces in college and for some other websites, I was working in television, something I thought I’d always wanted to do but then the jobs went *boom* and I was left with absolutely nothing (I can’t save money …ever…not even in video games!). At the point it was either rejoin thousands of others in the search for jobs (which by the way would be nice so if anyone want’s to give me a full time paid job…I wouldn’t say no) or start doing something for myself and after talking to Rebekah, we partnered up and the @rcade was born!

In the two years that have passed, I have written hundreds of articles, interviewed dozens of people, working with some fantastic writers, spawned a convention, renamed the website and con to the Arcade/ArcadeCon and I have had the opportunity not only to improve on my skills/learn some new ones but I’ve had the chance to meet you whether it be here everyday when you read my reviews or at the convention.

The Arcade is absolutely nothing with you support, your comments, your following and the same goes for the convention! It wouldn’t be here today without you and I feel that you deserve something back!

So for the next 12hours I have reduced the cost of tickets to the convention by 10%, ALL tickets to ArcadeCon are reduced, including the VIP!
You can avail of the discount here! 

As for the future who knows! We have our plans here at the Arcade but we’re not ready to let you in on those just yet but don’t worry we will keep you updated and we continue to promise you nothing but the best and latest in news, previews and reviews of all things gamer and geek!

All the best,




  1. As one might said, there’s silver lining in every cloud. Happy Anniversary to the-arcade.ie and may eternal happiness surrounds the two of you, Declan and Rebekah xxx

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