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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Trailer


One of the biggest and selling FPS series is back this November…


Set in the year 2025 because you know Treyarch having a future telling device, the world is facing a dramatic stare down between world powers China and the United States. With China refusing to export rare and valuable materials used in the production of cybernetics and robotics, it’s stock market without warning crashes leaving the economy in ruins and the finger of blame pointed at the US.

The mastermind behind the growing tension and inevitable war is Raul Menendez!

Yup, they've got one of these!

The game begins in the 1980’s where all good Cold Wars begin and players will control Alex Mason, the main character from the first Black Ops. The main bulk of this part of the story will take place in South America before we fast forward and find ourselves in the year 2025 and on the verge of another world war and here players take on the role of David Mason, the son of Alex.

It has emerged that this will be the first CoD game where the actions taken by the player will actively forge the outcome of the game. These actions are known as ‘Strike Missions’ and by choosing one, all others are locked out and the outcome will alter depending on your success or failure of the mission. Failing will not result in a do-over and players will instead continue on their merry war-making way!

By now you may have guessed we’re not major fans of the CoD series, yeah, they have their moments and who doesn’t love a quick firefight but our interest in these games has been fading for a long time and in all honesty the trailer is doing nothing for us but what about the fans…

…well they don’t seem too excited to be honest!

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