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Pokémon Is Evil! Apparently!

Pokémon is evil! Seriously! Well no not seriously but according to this Pastor it’s a gateway to the occult, witchcraft and other such dark and evil things! Now I’ve been playing Pokémon on and off really since it first hit the shelves. I’ve spent a small island’s fortune on toys, collectibles and stickers! Last time […]

The Latest Sports Craze Is Drone Racing

We love celebrating all things weird and wonderful on The Arcade, and the latest craze to hit the world of sports is definitely that. No, it’s not an esport, it’s drone racing. Watch the Drone Racing LeagueWatch the sports league of the future: bit.ly/23meNFQ Posted by Drone Racing League on Tuesday, 26 January 2016 Yup, […]

The Weirdest K-Pop Videos

Ahh, K-pop! While you may be wonderful in your own rights, you certainly can’t escape being weird at times. For all the praise K-pop gets for being bright, colourful and exciting, there are just a few artists who take it over the top. Today, we’re showing off their eccentricities for the world to see! G-Dragon […]

EwTube: Totes Inappropes

Right it should go without saying that these videos are totally NSFW and may cause offence to those with a sensitive nature and should only be watched alone, in the dark under a blanket away from Gods eyes! I just want to make sure that every one reading this is aware that yes these videos […]

Video: Super Sexy Saiyans

It’s Monday and we all need something to put a little perk in our steps! The coffee won’t do it, the cold weather won’t do it, the sudden realisation that you’re already 15 minutes late for class/getting the kids out the door/work then you’re going to need the next best thing… This ridiculously bizarre, odd, […]

EwTube: Unforgettable Simpsons

It’s back from the grave and so are these clips! Yes, we’ve brought ‘EwTube’ back, where our writers gather smatterings and oodles of the weird, funny and bizarre videos posted online right to you. In honour of its return, and because it’s bloody hump day, this week we’ve devoted EwTube to some of the best […]

Arcadio – Adrift In X-Files

Anthony, Emma, Danny, Jack, Shane and Tendai talk about the year that will be 2015! There’s Supergirl, Age of Ultron, Star Trek and some other stuff that’s sci-fi! Ep. 1 – Adrift In X-Files by The Arcade Declan DoodyEditor-in-Chief, part-time super villain and hoarder of cats. If you can’t find me writing, I’m probably in […]

Welcome to Night Vale!

Chances are if you’re on Tumblr, you’ve heard of Night Vale. ‘What is it?’ many people are asking. Well, there’s no easy answer to that. The technical explanation would be that ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ is a podcast by written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. It’s narrated by the amazing Cecil Baldwin, who’s voice […]

Video: The Ocarina of Fast

I… yeah! This is what it looks like… and what it looks like is a Sonic the Hedgehog mod for Zelda: The Ocarina of Time! Always wanted to know what Sonic would have done had he been in Links shoes? Well imagine no longer! Super speeding around Hyrule, pranking citizens and just being a spiky […]

WTF?! Dancing Queen

What happens when Jigsaw meets the Bride of Frankenstein? Well that offspring becomes some sort of weird dancing Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland baby with terrifying 2D puppet leeches attached to it all dancing in unison to some sick beats! And you really thought the internet couldn’t get weird? Declan DoodyEditor-in-Chief, part-time super villain […]