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The Weirdest K-Pop Videos

The Weirdest K-Pop Videos


Ahh, K-pop! While you may be wonderful in your own rights, you certainly can’t escape being weird at times. For all the praise K-pop gets for being bright, colourful and exciting, there are just a few artists who take it over the top. Today, we’re showing off their eccentricities for the world to see!

G-Dragon – ‘미치GO’

I’m a huge fan of G-Dragon. I think he’s not only a natural talent but a brilliant creative mind, but the video for ‘GO’ is just so weird. I mean between the giant feet, the bathroom scenes, the masks, the giant pink elephant head and the spanking, I’d be totally remiss in my duty if I didn’t include this video. It’s okay, GD, we still love you!

TVXQ – ‘Balloons’

Now, some among you might argue that this isn’t weird. You might say it’s just silly or camp. However, you cannot deny that drugs must have been involved somewhere during filming. Not only do all the band members look like they’ve had their smiles surgically stapled to their faces, I really have to ask why they’re all animals! The song doesn’t even mention animals! The lyrics are actually “When I was a child I wanted to float away on a balloon”, and I don’t think any part of that process would involve cat ears!

Orange Caramel – ‘Catallena’

It’s often said by objectors that the entertainment industry and pop culture in general is a glorified meat market, where idols are offered up for sale to the public. However, I think Orange Caramel took things a little bit too seriously here. In the video above, the group turn themselves into bargain sushi, appearing in packaging, on beds of rice and splashing around in soy sauce. It could easily be argued that everything Orange Caramel do is a little bit weird, but I think ‘Catallena’ takes the cake… err, sushi.

UV Feat. J.Y Park – ‘Itaewon Freedom’

You guys know who J.Y. Park is right? Owner of JYP Entertainment? The guy responsible for the weirdest song about complimenting women’s butts ever made? Well guess what, he’s back, this time on someone else’s weird track! You could be forgiven for thinking this song was made in the 80’s, but no, it’s 2011 and UV are singing about how the district of Itaewon is the hip new trendy place to be… I think you missed the mark on this one boys!

N.O.M. – ‘A Guys’

Oh dear Jesus, don’t watch this in front of your mothers! What we have here is a bunch of guys singing “Girls, Girls, Girls, I want your sexy voice” whilst performing in possibly the gayest music video since YMCA. Seriously, I don’t want to stereotype but if this doesn’t resemble something you’d see at a club on Pride week, I don’t know what does! And the fact the lyrics are specifically talking about girls makes me think they were probably asking the director “Hey, you sure this doesn’t seem gay?” whilst he replied “Nope, straightest thing in the world, now how do you feel about assless chaps?”

NORAZO – ‘Wild Horse’

Try as I might I literally cannot explain this one. I can’t even find translation for it. All I can tell is there are horse men singing, dancing and doing random things throughout and if that doesn’t count as weird I honestly don’t know what will!

So what do you think readers, yay or nay? Personally we at the Arcade love the weirdness that is K-pop, but if you have a different opinion, let us know! And also let us know what other fantastical videos we’ve missed in the comments below!