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Cody Rhodes To Feature In Arrow Season 5

Arrow star Stephen Amell‘s feud with former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes (wrestling as Stardust) was one of the strangest pro-wrestling rivalries in recent years. When celebrities are guests on Monday Night Raw, sometimes they get in on the action and that’s what happened with Amell and Stardust. However, the feud escalated and finished on SummerSlam. […]

Arrow Promo Features John Constantine

With the promo release of Arrow, it is confirmed that John Constantine (Matt Ryan) will be coming to Star City (formerly Starling City). SPOILERS AHEAD!  For those not up to date with The CW’s Arrow, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) was killed last season. This season she was revived to life using the Lazarus Pit. However, it did not […]

Stephen Amell Wants Ronda Rousey In Arrow

During the Arrow panel’s Q&A at Dragon Con in Atlanta, one fan pointed out that Ronda Rousey ‘ships Olicity’ (netspeak for wanting Felicity and Oliver to be an item). The panel were suitably intrigued with Stephen Amell exclaiming, “I ship Ronda Rousey!” When asked if there would be a part for the UFC Champion on the show […]