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EA Announces EA Sports UFC 2

EA announced the sequel to its first MMA game recently on twitter, titled EA Sports UFC 2. A short teaser was released that showed off the lengths the team went to to get the gameplay correct. The first UFC was released last year for Xbox One and PS4, with a mobile version coming out earlier […]

Review: NHL 15

I’ll admit right here – I’m a huge nerd. My experiences with Ice-Hockey are exclusive to: a Toronto Maple Leafs hat and the Mighty Ducks. So why did I bother take the opportunity to review NHL 15? Take a look at the sport of Ice-Hockey: men covered in armor with blades on their feet gliding around a […]

Super Bowl Gives Us New Amazing Spider-Man 2, Captain America, and Transformers trailers.

Super Bowl 48. Some teams played American Footbakk but more importantly we got awesome new movie trailers. First on our list of epic movie trailers is a new nearly four minute trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here’s the new trailer titled “Enemies Unite” teasing the Sinister Six. Nexr on our list is the full trailer for Captain America: The Winter […]

Review: Fifa 14

Fifa as a series, has re-invented the soccer genre in gaming, turning it one of the most successful video game franchises in history. While Fifa 14 doesn't have a major marquee feature, it does tweak almost every aspect of the game focusing on gameplay in particular. Is it enough though to make it's mark in today's competitive market?

EA and the GAA

‘I’ve been chanting EA GAA over in my head now for a while and it sounds really catchy! Now if you spend your Sunday afternoons glued to your seat while your county team goes head to head with another or your cooped up at home with the Sunday roast hap hazardly placed on your lap […]

Preview – SSX

It’s time once again to shred some ice… that’s snowboard lingo right? We’re down with that…fo’shizzle or something like that! We are talking about EA’s glorious return to the snow and mountains with forthcoming release of a new brand spankin’ new SSX title and of course we have the low down for you here at […]