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Spider-Man Kickstarts His Day With A Coffee

My Coffee Sense Is Tingling Hey we’ve all been there! I personally can’t face into a day of filing and customer calls without a double espresso. I can only imagine how heroes like Spider-Man handle their day without caffeine. With Spider-Man: Homecoming just around the corner, it seems Spidey needs a perk up. This hidden […]

Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2

“I like to believe the Spider-Man gives people hope.” You’ve more than likely heard this quote during Amazing Spider-Man 2’s marketing campaign and as a fan of the wallcrawler myself, I find it rings true here. There’s a strong theme of hope woven throughout the film as Andrew Garfield once again dons the red and […]

Superior Spider-Man #29 Review

With less than a handful of Superior issues left before Peter Parker’s glorious return in the (soon to be relaunched) ‘Amazing’ series, the tension on Superior has seriously rampped up. With issue 29 we’re right smack in the middle of “Goblin Nation” where the Green Goblin (who says he’s the real Norman Osborn) has discovered that Doc Ock has been playing at being Spider-Man.