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Superior Spider-Man #29 Review

Superior Spider-Man #29 Review


20140313-042519.jpg Dan Slott: Plot  Christos Gage: Script Giuseppe Camuncoli: Pencils.  John Dell: Inks  Antonio Fabela: Color.

Published by Marvel Comics.

*If you’ve been living under a rock or just not listening to ME, you won’t know that Doc Ock, through some freaky Friday-esk science has brain-swapped with Peter Parker and is currently the new Superior Spider-Man. Honestly nothing else you read will have made sense without that.*

Now then, with less than a handful of Superior issues left before Peter Parker’s glorious return in the (soon to be relaunched) ‘Amazing’ series, the tension on Superior has seriously rampped up. With issue 29 we’re right smack in the middle of “Goblin Nation” where the Green Goblin (who says he’s the real Norman Osborn) has discovered that Doc Ock has been playing at being Spider-Man and decided to just go and ruin everything by assembling his own ‘Goblin Army’ comprised of New York’s (recently out of work thanks to Spidey) criminal underworld. How did Goblin get them all to join up? Simple, anyone wearing a goblin insignia is cloaked to Spidey’s patrol bots. Honestly … even I have one.


So our issue begins with Mayor Jameson trying to figure out exactly how ‘Goblin Nation’ is Spidey’s fault, purely so he can justify unleashing his new Alchemex built Spider-Slayers into the city while Mary Jane has rounded up any Spider-Man related people the Goblin might go after to get to Spidey himself, while Octavius is covering his own tracks by staging Peter’s death while he works to undo the goblin serum in ex-girlfriend Carlie Coopers blood. Naturally the Goblin calls Peter (Spider-Ock … Spock?) out to play so he can strike at Spock through destroying his legacy and and laying a trap with the ONE person MJ didn’t manage to sneak out. Now there’s a twist here I’m not going to spoil for you because I honestly didn’t even see it coming and it definitely has impact. So riiiiiight when things look like they can’t possibly get crazier, enter JJ’s Spider-Slayers AND a helping hand in the form of Miguel O’ Hara aka the Spider-Man of 2099 trapped in our timeline hiding as Michael O’ Mara. And in case you forgot it was on the cover, those Spider-Slayers naturally get hacked by the Goblin. The plot thickens …

Now it’s worth mentioning to you guys that artist Giuseppe Camuncoli knocks it out of the park with this issue. Seriously this guy is on form here. I’ve been a fan of Camuncoli’s work for a long time now and it’s brilliant to be able to see him bring his own artistic traits and style-set into play for Marvel’s big finale arc on Superior. Dan Slott himself has referred to Giuseppe as the rotating art teams “big gun” as any arc he’s on seems to be the one that gets serious. Honestly though what’s great about Giuseppe’s work though is his approach to the characters and his placement with his panels. Why draw Spidey standing by a desk when he can be hunched up on it in his own unique skittery fashion. Its these little details that (for me) push Camuncoli’s work into the top bracket. Plus he draws a bitchin good Superior Spider-Man suit. (Enjoy it while we can guys)


So with the end in sight Dan Slott’s still got a lot of ground to cover to reign in all the multiple plot threads he’s been plucking and weaving these last 29 issues. Some might worry that he should focus on wrapping what he’s got before he begins to introduce new elements like Peter Parker’s shared memories seemingly merging with the memories of Octavius. But then again knowing Dan Slott this has been the plan all along and could set the stage for what we see in Aprils Amazing Spider-Man #1. Some of you might remember people doubted Dan’s concept for Superior Spider-Man itself as soon as the plan was revealed in Asm #700. But one thing us fans have been almost ritualistically reassuring ourselves with across Twitter, Facebook, online message boards and letter columns is the familiar phrase “IN SLOTT WE TRUST.” So let’s all have some faith and enjoy the rest of this ride while we still can.