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Interview – Will Sliney; Spider-Man 2099

Interview – Will Sliney; Spider-Man 2099



[pulledquote]In reading the script, I was sold the moment our first villain opens his mouth. It gives you a real sense of the new opportunities this character can bring.[/pulledquote]Earlier this week some Arcadians may have heard that Spider-Man 2099 is once again swinging back into his own series in July with writer and creator Peter David who’s work includes award winning runs on X-Factor and The Incredible Hulk.

Joining Peter David on the book however is Irish comic book artist Will Sliney who’s works include Marvel’s Fearless Defenders and Celtic Warrior: The Legend of Cú Chulainn.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Will to talk about Spidey 2099 and his work on the upcoming series.

So Will, how and when did you get the call to get involved with the Spider-Man 2099 series?

Marvel had been teasing to me a while that Spider-Man was in my future with the company. Little did I know they meant a future Spider-Man. I have been working in the Spider office for a while now and was really tested with the Spidey Team up book. I think that issue proved my enthusiasm for the characters to them.


You’re a self-confessed Spider-Man fan about to launch a new Spider-Man 2099 comic series with none other than Peter David, who not only created the character but the entire 2099 universe at Marvel too. How does THAT feel?

It is an absolute honour. When I heard Peter David was involved I was literally speechless as the gravity of that hit me. The reaction to the news has been phenomenal thanks to the love that fans have for him. It’s basically the equivalent of being asked to do a Spider-Man story written by Stan Lee.

As a fellow Irish Spider-Man fan I can’t decide if I love you, or just plain hate you. But you’ve mentioned Miguel’s Irish heritage is a big draw for you, Can you explain a little more?

Of course, anyone raised by an Irish father is going to have certain personality traits that we Irish can instantly relate too. That was always the key draw for Peter Parker back in the 60’s, and even though Miguel O’Hara is from the future, we can still really identify with him.

With the Miguel seemingly stranded in our timeline now trying to influence Alchemax for the better, Do you know if we can expect to see any other 2099 characters or influences popping up in the book?

We are going to see a mixture of both 2099 characters, and villains from the regular Spidey universe. I am very excited by the mixture.

Can you give us a clue for some possibly unexpected characters/villains you’ll be using in your run?

Well Liz Allen is sure to play a part in the story line and of course his Grandfather Tiberius Stone is his link straight to the future. Our very first villain hails from the future and we are going to deal with the ramifications of the Green Goblin’s Spider-Slayers pretty early on.

Now that Peter Parker AKA The Amazing Spider-Man is back in the red ‘n’ blues will there be any team-ups/meet and greets between the two Spider-Men?

I certainly hope so. I can’t imagine they will stay apart for too long. That said, if you are reading Superior Spider-Man, they havent exactly left each other on the best of terms. We will of course be a part of the huge Spider-Verse story so you may see a lot of red and blue tights.

What are you most looking forward to working on in this series and what challenges does Spider-Man 2099 hold for you?

I am just thrilled to be involved. Straight away the challenge is there to fit this future hero into our world. In reading the script, I was sold the moment our first villain opens his mouth. It gives you a real sense of the new opportunities this character can bring.

How much of an influence will the art of Rick Leonardi play in your approach to this project and what do you hope to bring to the table yourself?

Rick’s art from the original 2099 is phenomenal, and it is as influential as Steve Ditko’s is on the regular Spidey. I really hope IDW bring out a Marvel art book from the first few 90’s 2099 issues. I think people are already starting to get a grasp on how I draw Spidey, and I can’t wait to do more.

With a character that moves and carries themselves as uniquely as Spider-Man 2099 how do you plan to convey this in your approach?

I want to bring across Spidey 2099’s unique character traits as much as I can. You will see a Spidey that glides through the city instead of web swinging. I want to bring a sense of vertigo that those kind of aerial feats must create.

And to finish up, is there anything you’d like to tell fans about this series?

I think it speaks for itself. The support has already been incredible, with people pre-ordering it before it is even solicited. So mainly I would like to say thank you for the support and I hope you enjoy the ride.

There you have it folks, with Spider-Man 2099 being released in July it’s safe to say we have an awful lot to look forward to with this series and with Peter David and Will Sliney it couldn’t be in better hands.