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Boss Rush: Golden Axe

If ever there’s a dying art in video games, it’s the scrolling beat ’em up. You, and possibly a friend, if you can enlist any, traverse a set of linear stages filled with nameless foes to be vanquished in stylistically brutal fashion, usually to a rockin’ soundtrack and the backdrop of a world where you’re […]

Sega Teases Sonic Runners for Mobile

In case you haven’t got enough Sonic the Hedgehog in your life, Sega have started teasing fans in Japan with the promise of a new free-to-play mobile game, Sonic Runners. Famitsu have previewed the game and have eluded to the mechanics of the game pointing out that some old favourites return in the 2D side-scrolling runner […]

Sonic VS. The Luas

Our favourite blue speedy hedgehog seems a little bored lately and what better way to blow off steam than by err… trying to outrun the Luas tram system in our very own nation’s capital! Okay it might not be the actual Sonic the Hedgehog but this guy dressed as Sonic is pretty cool too! Uploaded […]

Banjo Guy Ollie – Space Harrier Theme

First released in 1985, Space Harrier was developed and published by Sega and originally released for arcade machines it’s popularity saw the game quickly ported to home systems with it’s first hone being the Sega Master System. Space Harrier is noted not only it’s popularity at the time but because it was one of the […]

Weekly Recap 04/08/2014

Missed out all the big news from the week? Fret not! I have you covered with the weekly recap of all the big and not so big news! https://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/07/legend-of-korra-gameplay-footage/ https://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/07/rise-of-incarnates-beta-sign-up-details-announced/ https://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/07/new-assassins-creed-trailer-reveals-a-new-female-character/ https://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/07/destiny-beta-concludes-largest-beta-this-console-gen/ https://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/07/activision-reveal-call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-collectors-editions/ https://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/07/hyrule-warriors-nintendo-direct-coming-august-5th/ https://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/08/digimon-all-star-rumble/ https://www.the-arcade.ie/2014/08/friday-five-at-five-news-you-might-have-missed-2/ Mystery Bioware project gets another trailer Last week Bioware released a mysterious trailer for a new project they are […]

Weekly Recap 27/06/2014

Missed out all the big news from the week? Fret not! I have you covered with the weekly recap of all the big and not so big news! The Last of Us Live On Stage DOTA 2 Winners and Record Prize Pool A New Dawn – LoL Cinematic Humble Square Enix Bundle Now Live Halo […]