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Yakuza Zero Comes West Early 2017

Yakuza Zero, an upcoming prequel to the Yakuza Franchise which released in Japan earlier this month, has finally been announced for a western release in “early 2017”. The game was released on PS3 and PS4 in Japan – only the PS4 version will be making its way west – but it will be getting a […]

Project X Zone 2 Review

Just a quick note before we proceed with the review, I think it best to make something clear, Project X Zone 2 is pure fan service. In case you’re wondering what that means, the term refers to material in a work of fiction or in a fictional series, added purely for the audience and nothing else. If you’ve played the first […]

Banjo Guy Ollie – Double Bill

If you’ve ever watched any of the videos we’ve hosted from YouTuber Banjo Guy Ollie then you’ll recognise his amazing musical talent right off the bat! Today we’re bringing you not just one but two of his latest covers in a special double bill. Tell your Thursday to relax, plug your headphones in and just chill […]

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Coming 2018

Despite everything that’s happened to him, all the failed games and lacklustre releases, Sonic The Hedgehog is still around. And now he’s getting a movie. Back in 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment partnered with Sega SAMMY Group’s animation wing and announced that a Sonic film was in the works. Fast forward to right now and Sega […]

Sonic Lost World Is Coming To PC

Releasing back in October of 2013, the blue blur made his Wii U exclusive debut with Sonic Lost World, as part of a three game exclusive partnership with Nintendo and Sega. These games included Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and the dreaded Sonic Boom. Sonic Lost world was the best […]

Tokyo Game Show 2015: Playstation VR

One of the most sought after showcases at this years TGS was always going to be Sony’s VR headset, previously known as Project Morpheus and unveiled at TGS 2015 as Playstation VR. Unsurprisingly, getting time on it was difficult, even on the press days with comparatively low attendance (a meager 29,000 people each day) but […]

Tokyo Game Show 2015: Criminal Girls 2

Now, I should point out some things about myself before I begin this preview. Firstly, I have a soft-spot for JRPGs with cute characters, even the rubbish ones. Secondly, I’m a slave to my baser male instincts and if your characters could feature in my haziest harem fantasies, you had me at hello. Finally, I’ve […]

Dawn Of War 3 May Be On The Way

Warhammer 40,000 RTS series Dawn of War may just be seeing its third installment. The domain www.dawnofwar3.com has been registered by none other than Sega, but the update appears to have been carried out by a registrant using a Relic IT department email. While the initial domain name was created  back in 2011, it was […]