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ReRead – TimeRiders

It’s hard to find a good time travelling series that sends your mind into a downward spiral. Sometimes you can get so caught up with the nitty-gritty scientific and logical explanations that it can over shadow the fun of the story. And while TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow won’t win any prizes for the best thought out […]

ReRead – Roald Dahl

If you haven’t gathered from one of my previous Rewind posts, I am a huge Roald Dahl fan. Recently I’ve been rereading my old favourites and rediscovering ones I don’t remember liking very much as a child. Two such titles are Danny the Champion of the World and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. While I […]

ReRead: The Edge Chronicles

[SPOILER WARNING] I like lists, I really do. It’s probably no exaggeration that I have lists for everything, so of course I attempted to make a shortlist of what book or series to choose for this piece. I’m not going to lie, it was always going to be a challenge from the very start. My […]

ReRead: Fruits Basket

I am really into the nostalgia value recently but, in saying that, I am sick of everybody announcing remakes, re-tellings and sequels. That was, until the news broke that there will be a sequel to the fan-favourite manga, Fruits Basket. I could not contain my joy at the news. This series, after years of pain-staking purchasing takes […]

ReRead: Chobits

Nostalgia bombs come few and far between, although every time I look at my manga shelves these days I get nothing but nostalgia bombs. After recently moving and unboxing my manga, I came across the series Chobits again. A massive wave of nostalgia of younger otaku-Céire came over me and, needless to say, the rest […]

ReRead: Dramacon

We all have that movie, game or book that we can never get rid of or pick up and read, watch or play all over again as if it was new. For me that is an area for manga for the most part and a certain three volume series in particular. Dramacon, an original English-language […]