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Payday 2 Developer Introduces Paid Stat-Boosting Skins

Swedish developer Overkill Software have announced that they are implementing paid weapon skins to their flagship multiplayer game Payday 2. The announcement follows a series of news they have released during their Crimefest event in which free content and update announcements are released to the public. The system works with randomized drops from crates that […]

Replay: Payday 2

My interest in the Payday series was first piqued a few years ago when 4-Player Co-Op was the flavor of choice among my gaming buddies. Left 4 Dead, Borderlands and all games of that ilk were getting weekly sessions dedicated to them and soaking up hours between exam study and assignments. It was a simpler […]

Weekly Recap 31/05/2014

Missed out all the big news from the week? Fret not! I have you covered with his weekly recap of all the big and not so big news! Yes that’s right folks, after an extended hiatus, The Weekly Recap is back.  Just in time too, as E3 is just around the corner, but that doesn’t […]