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Weekly Recap 31/05/2014

Weekly Recap 31/05/2014


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Missed out all the big news from the week? Fret not! I have you covered with his weekly recap of all the big and not so big news! Yes that’s right folks, after an extended hiatus, The Weekly Recap is back.  Just in time too, as E3 is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean stuff didn’t happen in the gaming world this week, so let’s get cracking!

Red Goddess Clears Second Kickstarter Campaign

The Order 1886 Delayed Until 2015

Ace Combat Infinity Now Available on PSN

Bethesda Reveal BattleCry

Quantum Break Won’t Appear at E3

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Coming to PS3, PS4 and Vita

New Character Sticks Revealed for Sonic Boom

Gamecube Controller Adapter Revealed for WiiU

‘Take Two’ CEO Confirms Red Dead and Bioshock Titles

Leaked Footage Points to Possible New Souls Title

First Official Gameplay Trailer for Mighty No.9 Released

Traveller’s Tales announce Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham


The Lego Batman series was always considered one of the better series in the large amount of plastic tales that TT games have brought us, with the original being the standard Lego fare, the sequel changed things up by going open world. Where could the series possibly go next, you might wonder? Space. Yes, that’s right folks, TT games have announced Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. The title will cast Batman and friends to stop Brainiac in outer space, taking place directly after Lego Batman 2. Batman and the other members of the Justice League are tasked with stopping The Legion of Doom from taking over the Watchtower, but both the villains and heroes will have to team up to stop Brainiac from shrinking all worlds. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of Lego games and love DC, your going to want to pick this one up.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham will release this fall for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS, PC and PS Vita.

The Evil Within Delayed until October


We are coming into the summer drought of video games right about now. With Watch Dogs being the last big AAA title for some time now, many people were looking forward to that drought ending in August with the release of Shinji Mikami’s latest survival horror title, The Evil Within. Sadly for fans eagerly awaiting the title, the game is being pushed back to October 21st. The reason for the delay is the usual need for more polish and to refine the game, so really it’s not a bad thing. Fans just need to wait a little bit longer for that classic Resident Evil style survival horror they have been craving for.

The Evil Within will release October 21st for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.

Steam Machine and controller delayed until 2015


More delay news now sadly, as Valves heavily anticipated entry in the console market, The Steam Machine has been pushed back to 2015 from its original 2014 release window. The news came from Valves Eric Hope, saying that the controller had more work to do. He continued, stating that the controller is going through “Live playtests, with everyone from industry professionals to die-hard gamers to casual gamers,” and because of this, “Realistically, we’re now looking at a release window of 2015, not 2014.”

“Obviously we’re just as eager as you are to get a Steam Machine in your hands. But our number one priority is making sure that when you do, you’ll be getting the best gaming experience possible. We hope you’ll be patient with us while we get there. Until then, we’ll continue to post updates as we have more stories to share”.

Nintendo in talks about a YouTube Affiliate Program


Nintendo and YouTube haven’t had the best of relationships recently, what with the disaster of Content ID matches taking down anything that even features Nintendo games, and took all add revenue from Nintendo let’s-players. Many figures in the Youtube let’s-play community have heavily criticized Nintendo on this move, losing them a lot of fan support. Well, it looks like Nintendo has been trying to fix this situation. 

They have offered a statement on the matter, stating “Nintendo has been permitting the use of Nintendo copyrighted material in videos on YouTube under appropriate circumstances. Advertisements may accompany those videos, and in keeping with previous policy that revenue is shared between YouTube and Nintendo.  In addition, for those who wish to use the material more proactively, we are preparing an affiliate program in which a portion of the advertising profit is given to the creator. Details about this affiliate program will be announced in the future.”

While this is certainly a step in the right direction, it’s clear that Nintendo still don’t understand how the Youtube space works. Companies like Ubisoft have shown that giving a completely open policy to videos does result in a lot of consumer loyalty. It’s good that this system is being put in place, but Nintendo seriously need to do more to fix their image right now.

Broken spine posters and Twitter rumblings point to new Mortal Kombat title


Earlier this week, a number of images pointing to a possible new MK title appeared online. The images were of a large black poster displaying a broken spine, the MK logo and the caption; Who’s Next?. The images came from the Reddit user “itshappening24”. Ed Boon (series creator) has been teasing a reveal for June 2nd on his Twitter, along with changing his icon to the same MK logo seen on the posters. All these cryptic clues do certainly point towards a new Mortal Kombat title, but we will just have to wait until June 2nd to find out.

The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us come to PS4 and Xbox One


If you passed up on everything that Telltale has been up to as of late, then this news may come at just the right time. Telltale has announced that The Wolf Among Us and both seasons of the Walking Dead will be coming to Xbox One and Ps4 later this year. Along with this hardware leap, Telltale has revealed that retail versions of The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2 will hit stores for Xbox 360 and PS4. While its great to see these titles on more platforms, this news also may point to the possibility of Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones both being on current gen systems.

IO interactive shows off new Hitman Art


It’s been quite a while since the last Hitman title, and fans have been wondering where the series has gone. We do know that a new title in the franchise is indeed in development by IO Interactive and will be for current gen systems. The team revealed an image of the new title this week, but sadly dropped the news that we will not be seeing it at E3 in the coming weeks. While it’s sad to hear that we won’t see the title soon, it’s still good to see development steadily going ahead at IO interactive.

Nintendo Announces Pushmo World for Wii U

Nintendo of America have announced a new title in the Pushmo series; Pushmo World for the Wii U. If you are unfamiliar with the original Pushmo, it was a puzzle game for the 3DS that had you pushing and pulling different shaped blocks in order to use them as platforms to reach the goal at the top. This new game will include a new puzzle creation mode that allows you to build your own structures and share them online via the Miiverse. 

Pushmo World will release on June 19th for Wii U.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel gets new gameplay footage

Back at PAX East, Gearbox surprised us all with the announcement of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a title set in between the events of Borderlands 1 and 2. Now Gearbox and 2K have released a video going over some of the new gameplay changes taking place in The Pre-Sequel. The video shows us Athena, Handsome Jack’s girlfriend and goes over the new cry element, the laser weapons, oz kits and of course the enemies we will be gunning down.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will release  this fall on PS3,Xbox 360 and PC

Numerous leaks inadvertently reveal Battlefield: Hardline


This week we learned of the next title in the Battlefield series, Battlefield: Hardline, but not how DICE wanted us to. The news slipped from a Battlelog update. Needless to say people found information in the code of said update, most importantly revealing the logo you see before you and a number of emblems that resemble a police theme. Shortly after the leak, EA confirmed that Battlefield: Hardline is in development and will be shown off at EA’s E3 press conference in the coming weeks. Then after this EA posted a video for Battlefield: Hardline, but then quickly took t down. Whilst the trailer was up we got a good look at what the title will include. The title is in development at Visceral Games and does away with the military theme that has been present in the series. The game will focus on a police officer named Nick Mendoza, and will function in a episodical nature, each episode having a separate situation. Each episode will deal with Nick dealing with being caught between cops and criminals and will have multiple ways of dealing with situations. Investigation will be present, along with a number of gadgets to help you along the way. The multi-player side of things will include things like heists ( robbing/defending vault) car chases, capture the flag and hostage rescues.  We will be seeing a lot of this at E3 in the coming weeks.