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Daisy Chain Comic Kickstarter Is Here

Irish comic book writer Mike Lynch is part of a team looking to kickstart a new comic, Daisy Chain. A socialite turned serial killer in a hunt for her parents’ murderer? You have my attention! Lynch co-wrote the story with  Alfred Paige. The project also features several others. Pencils by Dody Eka, inks by John […]

Review: Blackstar Book One

'So that's what Akira would be like if it was set in Ireland!' is not a sentence I thought I would be saying when I began reading 'Blackstar', the new indie comic from Mike Lynch. Really, I wasn't sure what to expect, but whatever expectations I had were blown out of the water by the opening scene, a satirical extra-terrestrial encounter at a gas station that reads like something you'd find in a Men in Black film.

Review: Nestor

Irish writer, Mike Lynch tackles one of the most popular supernatural creatures in fiction, the vampire. Nestor is the store of inner demons, love lost and revenge set against a Dublin city that is blissfully unaware of what lurks beneath the shadows. Check out our review now!