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Nintendo Developing Zelda Mobile Game

Link! Listen! A report by the Wall Street Journal indicates Nintendo are currently developing a Zelda mobile game. Nintendo have enjoyed success for their previous mobile titles including Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes. The same report states that Nintendo are working in conjunction with DeNA, the same developers behind the Fire Emblem mobile game […]

Top 5 Legend of Zelda Moments

I’ve been on a major Legend of Zelda trip since just before Christmas. It started with a replay of Wind Waker HD and has run through a few games since then. Most recently was Link Between Worlds, and next on the list is Twilight Princess HD. That’ll probably be the last one before the glorious […]

Save Hyrule In This Tunic Inspired Hoodie

We’re dying to get our hands on one of this Legend of Zelda, Link Hoodie! Link’s forest green tunic is just as iconic and integral to his character design as the Master Sword or the Tri-Force. If you’ve ever fancied donning the robes but feared the awkward and mocking glances from others, there’s a solution! The […]

A Link to the Past Comic Returns

Nearly twenty years since it went out of publication, Zelda: A Link to the Past comic illustrated by iconic manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori will be made available once again thanks to publishers Viz Media. Viz have announced that the former collectible serial will be re-released in a very special single volume collection but will retain the […]