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Music Monday: Empower Me

It’s Monday and you’re going to need a kick in the ass to drag yourself up and out of bed! Allow me to present the seven tracks that won’t just kick your ass, they’ll drag you up to new heights, fill you with vitality, shove you out the door and get you ready to take […]

Life in Japan: Sleep Is For The Weak

It feels childish to say that Tokyo is a different place by night. Cities, by their very nature, are constantly in flux; changing and bending to the whims and will of the people within them, and the change that befalls every city in the world as daylight dies is universally understood. That said, there’s something […]

Childhood Heroes – I Am…

Don’t ask me why but I’ve been binging on old childhood cartoons – maybe it’s because the big 30 is less than a year away, maybe it’s because the pitter-patter of tiny feet have filled our family house again, whatever it is I’m not giving out about it! Last Sunday I brought you some of […]

Beyond Refrigerators IV: The Matrix is a GOOD Movie

"One of the greatest charms of sci-fi and fantasy fiction in particular is the freedom the author possesses to custom-build a suitable world to host their story. However, the author remains a product of the real world. The audience they are speaking to are also a product of the real world. Therefore, all created worlds are related to our world through the humanity of the mind behind the story."

Emotion in Gaming: Choices/Regrets

Our series on the power of video games and the emotions that they not only invoke within us but how these lessons and experiences can be applied to our daily lives continues. This time we look at the power of choice and the reality of consequences as Declan reflects on his experiences in the video game series, 'The Walking Dead'.