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Windbound – Review

Windbound is the newest game from developer 5 Lives Studios. This open world survival title sees the player take control of Kala as she tries to find her seafaring tribe again after becoming shipwrecked and washing ashore on a small island among procedurally generated archipelago. To make it back to her people, she’ll have to […]

RIDE 4 Hits The Road This October

Looking for a realistic simulator for bikes? Well the RIDE franchise has announced a new entry, with RIDE 4 speeding into stores October 8th. Brought to you by the Milestone team, it is set to bring you authentic and lifelike replicas of the most iconic motorcycles. With a new revamped career mode, you will brought all […]

TimeSplitters IP Acquired Be THQ Nordic

The infamous TimeSplitters series is a much beloved FPS trilogy. Now it has been announced that the TimeSplitters IP has been acquired by THQ Nordic via their subsidiary Koch Media. The deal includes the rights to the previously released games and to future titles to be created. In short, a HD remaster or re-release of […]