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Hot Toys Tackle Video Game Spider-Man

I am absolutely in love with the new Spider-Man game. I haven’t stopped web slinging and snapping photos since it’s release. Now Hot Toys have released images of a brand new collectible based on the gaming smash hit. Everyone say hello the figure you didn’t know you needed until now; Spider-Punk. The 1/6th scale figure […]

Hot Toys Punisher Action Figure Announced

Hot Toys, the Hong Kong based collectables production house, unveiled a new 1/6th scale collectable action figure based on the Punisher this week. The new Punisher action figures bear the near perfect likeness of actor Jon Bernthal, who recently portrayed Frank Castle in season two of the popular Netflix Daredevil live-action series. When I say […]

Hot Toys Reveal New Death Trooper Figurine

Anyone eagerly awaiting the release of Star Wars: Rogue One this December; I have news for you! Hot Toys has released a new figurine to complement the upcoming film, the Death Trooper. Sporting a sleek, black suit of armour, these soldiers look well suited to fight alongside Darth Vader. The Death Troopers stand at 2cm […]