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Two New Female Transformers Announced

Hasbro’s latest announcement has certainly caught my eye! It’s been confirmed in USA Today, that two new female transformers will join the ranks of the Autobots in the cartoon series, Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Windblade and Strongarm are Hasbro’s  attempt to not just maintain their growing female audience but to capture new fans too. Speaking […]

All Female Ghostbusters Reboot Coming

Who ya gonna call? Paul Feig, that’s who! The Bridesmaids director has been rumored for weeks to be directing a new Ghostbusters film, and for months no-one’s been giving a straight answer on the status of the project. Until now, that is. Coming from Paul Feig’s twitter account, an all female Ghostbusters is on its […]

Female Gamers Surpass Teenage Boys in Numbers

Girls have always been a bit excluded from the gaming industry. Companies seem to think that girls still don’t play games for some reason so we’re never taken seriously as customers. Well, it’s time for game companies need to think twice about not including us as we’ve recently taken over a large percentage of the […]