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Ben Lovely Time Pixel Art – Gallery

Hey Kid, you like Pixel Art? Sure you do. You’re on the internet. This is a vertical slice of Ben Bates‘ portfolio. He does pop-culture, public figures, video game art, and his own head. I can work with words, but this guy is damn handy with little different coloured squares. Check out his stuff below: […]

ReWatch: Black Books

I almost always write my pieces for this feature on a videogame. This time, however, I’m picking a TV show. Is it because I have run out of videogames? Maybe. Let’s talk about Black Books!  For those who don’t know, Black Books is a BBC show that aired from 2000 to 2004 with three seasons. […]

Fathed Ted Live Show?

Speaking to Radio Times, the creator of Father Ted, Graham Linehan spoke about the possibility of reviving the show. In the interview, Linehan explained that he would never see it return to our television screens because what they make stood the chance of ruining the memories of the original series: “I would never bring back the […]