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Bethesda Highlights – Gamescom 2016

My first stop upon entering Gamescom 2016 was checking up on Bethesda and hearing any news about the upcoming Dishonored 2. As a fan of the original Dishonored, I loved the fact they were making a sequel. It follows Emily Kaldwin, princess from the original game, as an adult. Clearly she’s learned a couple tricks from Corvo, […]

Bethesda’s E3 Showcase Highlights

New Colossus was teased at the very start of a C: drive directory page under the previous Wolfenstein titles. It’s release date is blocked out. It may be announced later this year at another event like QuakeCon or GamesCom. Bethesda’s E3 Showcase kicked off proper with a trailer for Quake Champions. Developed by id Software, […]

High Profile Actors To Join Cast Of Dishonored 2

The first Dishonored had an oddly high-brow voice cast with the likes of Chloe Grace-Moretz, Susan Sarandon and Michael Madsen. With the sequel, it looks like Arkane have once again delved into some top-notch talent to voice the new and returning characters. Actors included are: Notable changes to the cast are the voices of the protagonists. Emily […]