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Surgeon Simulator Coming To Switch

Some games are fun and some can teach. Check out what happens when a surgeon tests his skills in Surgeon Simulator! BuzzFeed set out to discover this week, when they roped in the talents of the highly-lauded Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Johnson C. Lee, to successfully perform both a heart and lung transplant in the VR […]

Buzzfeed’s Try Guys Try K-pop

Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys are trying out K-pop and Korean culture in a 5 part series! They attended KCON, the largest K-pop convention in America, and the series also includes appearances from model Irene Kim,  Dr. Suk-Young Kim, and Hyosun Ro so far. In the first part, they react to different K-pop music videos including Girls’ Generation, BIGBANG, 4MINUTE, EXO-K, Sistar, […]

EwTube: Back To School Hacks

Many readers will be returning to school. many will have returned already. Some may be ready. Some less so. In a timely fashion, this week’s EwTube videos are a series of hacks and gags for the prepared and under-prepared alike. It’s a well-trod theme of course, but that means there is a lot to play with. If […]

YouTube Digest: Just Between Us

Since joining BuzzFeed Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin have proved a winning combination.  However, launching their own YouTube channel last year gave their unique comic chemistry its own winning platform.  Ostensibly an advise show, JustBetweenUs sees these two wits tackle a weekly question in their own comic persona. The premise is simple enough.  Gabby and Allison are an online […]