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Gif Essay: When Your Favourite Show Ends

We have all been there; that final scene in Friends, that last shot of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Even if you haven’t watched one of the more popular shows, you can totally relate when you see your friends devastated that their favourite show is no longer filming new shows. Once you get hooked on a show, […]

Bryan Cranston Wants To Play Mr. Sinister

At this year’s New York Comic-Con, actor Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) revealed that if the opportunity presented itself to play a Marvel character, he’d like to play super villain Mr. Sinister. Often abbreviated to Sinister, Nathaniel Essex is a scientist whose research has made him an authority on genetics, cloning and mutation. His machinations have led […]

Better Call Saul Gets First Trailer

The call for ‘MORE’ reverberated through-out the internet at the end of aMc’s Breaking Bad last year, and since then the announcement of Saul Goodman’s spin-off has had us frothing at the mouth. After weeks and months of waiting, we finally have our first trailer for the show, and, yeah, that’s our Saul alright! To […]

Opinion: Binge Watching And Its Effect(s)

I’m sure many are aware of the eponymous trend that is the subject of this post.  Setting aside some time to watch your favorite shows back-to-back is fast becoming a ubiquitous practice in the age of DVD box sets and more recently Netflix.  More than that, it would seem that television networks have gotten wise […]